Make work a better place to be

Mokita provides workshops, coaching, and learning experiences so you can improve your workplace culture.

Mokita is a word from Papua New Guinea meaning:
the truth that everybody agrees not to talk about.

Workplaces are full of such truths. Communication breakdown. Interpersonal conflicts. Management that isn’t working.

These unspoken forces damage wellbeing, productivity, and retention.

We don’t just help you create a culture that is healthy, kind, emotionally intelligent, and human. We show you how to channel this into a team that is faster, smarter, more productive, more collaborative and more creative.


of workers want to quit this
year (PwC 2023)

Workplace culture

is the number one reason for quitting a job (MIT 2022)


an employee’s salary: the cost of replacement (Gallup 2019)

Psychological safety

is the most important factor in productive teams (Newman et al 2017)

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