Who We Are

Mokita Learning grew out a frustration with traditional workplace training and organisational development. Making work a better place to be requires a focus on context and culture, and application to the workplace issues each team or organisation is actually facing. Most training providers delivered generic, one-size-fits-all approaches.

Motivated by this, we developed learning programs that not only improved individual management, wellbeing, and collaboration but also impacted the culture as a whole. Since then we have worked in fin-tech, film, local authorities, and many more to spark real change in how people experience their work.

Sam Kammerling

Sam is a proud nerd, constantly engaging with research and thinking from every field he can to inform his practice and understanding of what makes people tick. When he’s not nerding, you can find him mooching up a mountain, on a surfboard (where he compensates for his lack of skill with naive enthusiasm), or in a bookshop plotting his next brain adventure.

He has managed teams in youth and mental health charities, education, and the NHS; has developed partnerships between Local Authorities, community organisations, and private enterprise; and has built learning programs tackling everything from Plato’s Cave to Leadership in Complexity.

Jamie Leatherbarrow

Jamie has been working in mental health for the last 7 years, supporting people with serious mental illness navigate the complexity of their lives and make changes that matter. Over this time, he’s also supported many to develop professionally in this field, building the resilience, compassion, and emotional intelligence to do powerful work in trying circumstances. Soon to be a fully qualified counsellor, he is a deeply skilled listener and draws on a range of psychological perspectives to inform his thinking.

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