Training to improve workplace culture

Mokita can design a programme suited to your needs and budget

Why we do things differently

We started Mokita Learning because we were frustrated with traditional learning programs and consultancy offers. Most of these deliver short-term, bolt-on, superficial “solutions” to deeper, contextual, human challenges. As a result, nothing really changes.

How we do things differently

Our workshops combine complexity theory, management science, sociology, psychology, and over a decade of mental health experience. We don’t just talk about these things – we apply them to your context to create lasting cultural change.

Our training is designed around your context, so that you can: 

  • Build cultures that improve emotional resilience and mental health 
  • Learn psychological tools for more human, more creative, and more engaged work
  • Develop practices to make the most out of complex, changing circumstances.

Take a look at the kind of learning we can build for you

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